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cannabis grow journal app

The developer, NU games , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

This is my 4th year logging on this app and everything about the app has been very user friendly. I log what grow in my garden each summer so I could reference what I did. Benefiting my garden more and more each year. Sharing your log with people who don’t even have the app is very useful as it’s fun to share. The developer of the app is hand on within the community of growers looking for ways to better the app which I appreciate. The online community of this app is also very helpful. You do have the option to keep your logs private.

Bud’s aim is to provide a product people like to use, so feedback is encouraged, happy growing.

– You can now long press to report updates and comments
– Notifications are back
– Token expiration issue fix

App Privacy

I think the social functions are far better than Grow With Jane. I like the types of actions And the UI of that app though. I think there is a niche in the digital marijuana grow journal space and both bud. And growth with Jane are the leaders in the category.

Feel free to check out the new update, your analysis was not wrong as the first version was meant to serve as a proof of concept, this version is 100% rewritten to make it easier to maintain, add to, and update going forward.

New update is clean and nice and has created more of a social growing experience. I like it, but I think some notable upgrades could be gleaned from the app “Grow With Jane”

Perfect grow log, my 4th year using this

Bud is a visual diary of your plants life. Growers have kept journals for years to track their plants health and development. The information derived from monitoring a plants life cycle has helped increase yield and potency over time. Up until now most growers have used a variety of tools to track this information, excel sheets, word documents, photo galleries, and good old pen and paper. Bud aims to put this all in one place and give growers an organized way to track grows.

Growing is often a solitary activity and for those who want to keep it this way bud allows users to keep all their journals private. But for those who like to share, get feedback, discuss strains, talk techniques, and ask advice, bud offers a way for users to easily share their journals with the community. Public journals can be seen by all, and users can follow individual grows or other users to keep up to date with their latest updates. Privacy is important to growers so all images are stripped of meta data before being stored and shared.

Cannabis grow journal app

The app helps users who are looking to have a tolerance break. It doesn’t matter if it’s a temporary break or a cold turkey. Grounded provides all the tools you need to manage your intake.

With its mystical creatures and vibrant graphics, you can experience a different kind of trip while going through different challenges and stages.

There may come a time when you decide to slow down or quit your weed usage. This can be tough considering the different benefits of cannabis you can enjoy. With Grounded, however, managing your cannabis usage becomes easier.

7. Duby

To use the app, you must first input your personal features. These include your age, location, medical symptoms, and experience in using cannabis. From there, PotBot will perform an extensive search of various cannabis products with adequate strains.

The great thing about Simleaf is its features. It comes with a myriad of settings that you can adjust and play around with as you grow your virtual cannabis.

8. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Hey, it may not be your conventional app but every recreational user will love this game.

With the help of these cannabis apps, you can better appreciate marijuana. You can expand your knowledge faster and connect with the best sources in your area. In case you wish to grow a plant in your home, having an app is not enough.