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cannabis grow light calculator

Easily evaluate the number of grow lamps you will need to cover your whole crop with this light coverage calculator. Simply enter the required dimensions below and instantly view both the minimum and the optimal number of grow lights to cover your complete indoor hydroponic garden.

For professional growers with many lights or multiple grow rooms, we invite you to contact one of our lighting experts. We will happily provide custom light mapping and other services to ensure your plants growing environment will be optimized.

*These calculations are based on the typical light spread of the specified lamp, mounted horizontally, and matched to its industry-standard reflector. It should not be considered a comprehensive light plan. Various factors will affect your crop’s lighting requirements, including reflector shape, crop height, grow room structure, irrigation, temperature, etc.

With these calculators and tools, we can make some useful calculations for our cannabis cultivation: air extraction flow, volume of our pots, calculation of the flow supported by the active carbon filter, equivalence between temperatures in ºC and ºF, minimum and maximum recommended power of LED equipment to grow marijuana.

In our book “Growing weed with LED lights” you will be able to find all this explained information and many more recommendations, calculations and practical examples.