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cannabis grow tent temperature

Cannabis grow tent temperature

The best temperature and humidity for growing weed will be the temperatures fit for the life stage of the growing plants and a stable humidity to avoid risk for mold and mildew.

When the marijuana grow room temperature drops too low, plant growth will be stunted. Drop even lower and the plants could die from freezing. While this is unlikely to happen in an indoor grow operation, avoiding moderate lower temperatures is still important.

What About Humidity?

Having a grow room temperature too high is much more common for indoor cannabis growers. The best temp for growing weed avoids the environments that diseases and pests thrive in.

In outdoor growing operations, cannabis plants flower in the Autumn when temperatures start to drop. This ideal flowering temperature is somewhere around 65-75°F. The same 10° differential from light and dark is optimal as well, just as when in a vegetative stage.

Problems From Temperatures Too Low For Indoor Marijuana Growing

Lighting solutions exist to simulate real life, but indoor plants still end up less hardy than outdoor cannabis plants regardless.

Cannabis grow tent temperature

When these conditions are met and enough time passes, the seeds will sprout, and the little baby plants will peek out and start shooting up.

Having an accurate hygrometer (or a few) is critical to measure the humidity in your garden. You’ll know as soon as it starts creeping up too high and can intervene in time to save your plants’ lives!

We’ll go a bit deeper into the ideal conditions for each growth stage below. First, let’s take a look at the two tools you’ll need to ensure you keep the ideal temperature and humidity for a grow tent.

Cannabis seedling

But if you slip up and it gets too cold or hot for a little while, you are not going to lose your harvest. On the other hand, if humidity gets to high and you plants get bud rot, you have a real problem. So make sure you always have sufficient fans in your grow tent.

So what are the ideal temp and humidity for grow tent marijuana grows? Keep reading to find out.

The way a hygrometer works is actually quite interesting (to me at least), you can check it out in detail here.

Ideal Conditions For Seedling Stage

I’m sure you’re already familiar with thermometers, but if not, it is a simple tool that has been around for over a hundred years that tells you the temperature of your environment.

Sometimes with A/C units or other big machinery the temperature reading ability can be off significantly. You need to make your decisions based on good data, especially in a commercial or semi commercial operation.