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cannabis grow tents for sale uk

Cannabis grow tents for sale uk

You’ll also need to work out enough space around the intended tent for you to be able to access the zips, and also for inserting things into the ducting ports. This is often overlooked, leaving the buyer frustrated after setting up and realising there isn’t enough room for them to actually work with the tent.

What size and shape of grow tent should I buy?

Small but mighty is how I would best describe the 24” x 24” 36” Cool Grows hydroponic tent. It is perfect for people living in flats or homes where there isn’t a ton of free space, but who still want a top-notch bit of kit to grow their favoured plants in.

Grow tents aren’t permanent structures

One of the biggest benefits of grow tents is that they ‘trap’ the light inside them. Usually, some of the light from your LED, HPS, etc. grow lights will be spread out away from the plants and won’t be absorbed by them.

However, not all manufacturers include it in the tent package. You can purchase one for your tent if need be.

We’ll discuss how to set up your tent in this article.

In this part of the article, we’ve listed several things you should bear in mind before you make your purchase. The first thing you should consider is…

Quality of the Reflective Material

The Apollo grow tent we reviewed measures 60″ x 60″ x 80″ (5 ft x 5 ft x 6.7 ft). From our calculations, it can accommodate up to 25 plants, although the size of your plant may influence that number. To make sure your plant grows properly, Apollo offers this grow tent as a kit. In essence, you’ll be getting a good grow tent kit for a ridiculously affordable price.

The grow tent is made from reflective and sturdy tear-proof mylar material. A glance at this Apollo Horticulture grow tent immediately shows off the quality of the product. Its double stitching adds credence to the aesthetics of the tent. Little wonder it’s highly sought after.

The legalization of cannabis in some countries has made grow tents more popular in recent times. This has, in turn, led to a significant increase in the demand for tents. The demand is primarily fueled because many people don’t have space and can’t control the environmental conditions when planting outside.

Multiple Tents Vs Multiple Chambers

Most of the tent’s in the market have heights of 6’5 and above although you may find shorter tents. These types of tents can fit into the rooms of residential buildings which mostly have a height of 8′ from ceiling to floor.

For growers who intend to use 1000W lights, a height of 7′ is recommended.