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cannabis growing forum uk

Coconut Grove: Vegging Northern Lights, Larry’s Lemon OG, Banana Blaze, Alien Technology, Romulan, Expert Gorilla and Alien Rock Candy fem photos in a 4×4 tent under a Platinum P4-XML2 LED.

But as a person who is in the thick of it here, don’t buy into the hype. Many of those strains are great, but $30 a gram, better come with a happy ending if you know what I mean.


3×3 tent, Platinum P300 LED. Wedding Cake and Pineapple Express drying.

Yellow under blurple makes fluorescent orange


I think that’s what a lot of it is now, just hype. Thing is it works here because for yrs we’ve basically only had a few strains mostly skunk, cheese, blue cheese and various types of kush. It’s only in recent yrs there have been more varieties. The Cali thing I think stems from it being one of the more recognised places that got legalised and so became a new thing when some got imported. The underground commercial growers have jumped on the band wagon and thought we can make money from this if we call says its Cali.

Cannabis growing forum uk

There’s a good range of unique and popular strains that you can choose from. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds boasts germination guides to help new growers have a smoother experience growing marijuana. They claim that they have 100% certified disease-free seeds to give you more germination assurances (with replacements, if you experience notable germination problems).

You can really buy with confidence.

On the upside, all seeds come in discreet envelope packaging which would look like just your regular mail, only with nothing illegal written on it to fend off unnecessary attention. On the off-chance that your seeds are stopped in the mail, ILGM will send you more weed seeds free of charge.

14. Gorilla Seed Bank – Really Low-Cost Strains Seed Bank

There have been concerns about slow USA shipping. However, your cannabis seeds are sent via stealth shipping where weed seeds are packed in small plain cardboard boxes or airtight padded envelopes to throw off anyone in the mailroom who might get suspicious.

MJ Seeds has grown to become one of the most reputed BC-based marijuana seed banks, ever since their launch in 2009 for their quality medicinal cannabis seeds and dedication to give great customer experience coupled with an 80% seed germination rate.

10. SunWest Genetics – Great Seed Genetics 420 Seed Bank

With a combination of the best seed banks, stealth shipping, and Bitcoin payments, you can significantly reduce the likelihood that you will be caught shipping weed seeds to the US.

Although a new site, Sonoma Seeds have built their forte around premium genetic seeds, with a collection of 500+ strains to give you choice and high-quality seeds. Better still, they guarantee an 80% germination rate to cover your purchases. You can get 10 extra seeds on orders above $420 and an expected USA delivery time of just 7-14 days if you go for the express discreet shipping with tracking.