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cannabis growing in india

What are the psychoactive intoxicants prepared from cannabis plant?

Currently, charas, ganja, or any mixture or drink prepared from the two products are banned in India under the NDPS Act, regardless of hemp cultivation.

Globally, cannabis products are increasingly being used for health and medicinal purposes, and the plant has also been used to make building material.

In parts of Himachal such as Kullu and Mandi, hemp had traditionally been used for making footwear, ropes, mats, food items, etc.

What are the uses of hemp?

The state government faces a debt burden higher than its annual budget, and is heavily dependent on the Centre for funds. Eager to generate employment and become economically self-reliant, the state government now hopes to attract a growing hemp industry.

This means the state wants to legalise commercial cultivation of the plant for non-recreational uses such as making medicines and fabrics.

Mainly charas and ganja. The separated resin of the plant is called charas or hashish and it can be concentrated to obtain hashish oil (in Himachal, charas and the cannabis plant, in general, are called bhang while elsewhere, bhang may refer to an intoxicating drink prepared from the plant).

Isn’t cannabis cultivation illegal in India?

Uttar Pradesh followed a similar policy, while Madhya Pradesh and Manipur are reportedly considering it as well.

The dried flowers and leaves of the plant are called ganja or marijuana (also weed, pot or dope). Charas and ganja can be smoked and can also be used to prepare some edible drinks and foods.

What does that mean for people? Not much because the state wants to legalise the commercial cultivation of cannabis for non-recreational uses such as making medicines and fabrics.

On December 2 last year, the United Nations Commission for Narcotic Drugs reclassified cannabis as a less dangerous drug. The decision removes it from the Schedule IV category, which lists addictive opioids like heroin. India was one of the 27 countries that voted in favour of the rescheduling.

Some research has suggested that CBD can protect the nervous system and provide relief from seizures, pain, anxiety and inflammation. The list of CBD-infused products — including creams, serums, soda water and juice — is also expanding rapidly.