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cannabis micro grow guide

Cannabis micro grow guide

Healthy air circulation is a key component of a micro cannabis grow. A couple of solutions to create regular intervals of air exchange is to leave a door open (but watch out for the smell) or holes in the space to encourage regular airflow. Another idea is to use a computer fan near the top of your grow space so it’s not blowing directly on the canopy.

Otherwise, you could utilize the scrog technique, aka the screen of green, which is a trellis net that is placed on top of plants. The scrog helps to open the branches for airflow and controls the height of your plant.

Whether you decide to cultivate in a closet, homemade grow box, or a cupboard, cannabis plants still demand certain conditions to grow into healthy adult plants. To have a successful small harvest, you won’t need to buy the newest or fanciest equipment, but you will definitely need some basics.

Air Exchange

For less money, growers could utilize fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamp bulbs that meet 400 w per m2. However, if using this bulb combination, you’ll have to pay attention to changing bulb colors, which vary from white, to yellow, to blue, depending on growth phase.

It can’t be understated how crucial lighting is to growing robust cannabis plants, and this may be one of the toughest challenges of a micro grow. Excess heat from bulbs that are too close to the canopy can damage your plants, and depending on the space, bulbs can generate a lot of heat.

Plant Training

Micro grows are an excellent introduction to growing your own cannabis because you can save money and time by learning with a small grow as opposed to potentially losing a lot of money by growing the legal limit in your state. Let’s take a look at micro growing marijuana to find out if it’s right for you.

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For growers who want a full system capable of germinating seedlings, taking and keeping clones, maintaining mother plants, and have multiple chambers for various projects, this is the build for you.

Total cost: $938

The 4×4’ main tent is powered by a 630w CMH light and the 1×4’ two-tiered tent extension is built out with two 4-bulb t5 fluorescent light fixtures. Complete with four fans, two dual outlet timers, and adjustable intake/exhaust components, this 80” tent supports even the most ambitious of grows.

Standard cannabis grow setup: $1,000

Note: Product prices below may fluctuate slightly over time.

In this indoor grow setup, 2 to 4 cannabis plants are recommended. You can squeeze in 6 plants if you grow small auto-flowering varieties and/or vegetate the plants for less time.

With the tent height maxing out at 48”, plants grown in this space should not exceed 24” in height and we recommend using dwarf, indica, and auto-flowering varieties for best results.

Who should use this build?

The Standard Grow offers a complete package for growers who wish to maintain a perpetual cultivation operation year-round. It covers all of the essentials in housing, lighting, automation, and filtration for a standard home grow.

The Micro Grow is a value-driven package designed to provide all of the essentials for a single tent grow. More advanced than the Nano Grow, it’s a complete system that can handle just about any cannabis growing style.