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celebration cake seeds

Celebration cake seeds

Ultimately, indoor-grown Birthday Cake presents the highest THC content. However, outdoor-grown Birthday Cake isn’t far behind in the THC department.

Remember, many online cannabis resources claim that Birthday Cake is the same as the Wedding Cake strain. However, this claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

Remember, Birthday Cake is a challenging strain to find for sale, so it’s best to grow them once you and your garden are ready. Once you germinate your seeds — you can’t call time out and expect your plants to wait for better conditions.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Birthday Cake Weed

From insomnia to depression, Birthday Cake weed is a one-stop-MMJ shop for those in need. Here’s a list of the major medical attributes that Birthday Cake can assist with:

As you can see, medical marijuana patients in search of potent medicine should grow Feminized Birthday Cake seeds at home. By doing so, your medicine cabinet will always be full with top-shelf buds for any time of the day.

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate

Remember, the final yield is determined by your skills as a cultivator and your choice of training. Untrained cannabis plants tend to yield less compared to those in the ScrOG or LST category.

The primary difficulty of growing Birthday Cake is the necessity to prune the plants midway through the vegetative cycle. If you fail to train your cannabis crop — the yield suffers, and your plant(s) may break once the flowers grow in size.

Birthday Cake Kush is the kind of hybrid that can range in its THC levels, anywhere from 14% to 25%, meaning you’re playing a little bit of Russian Roulette when you roll the dice on planting these seeds. That unknown factor leads most dealers to recommend cannabis consumers with at least moderate experience dabbling in weed cut themselves a slice. The initial effects are all in your head, delivering a rush of happiness and giggles. Shortly after, your limbs will begin to feel the heaviness of its indica roots, for a deep relaxation that can help the body get plenty of rest. Like the baked confection, Birthday Cake Kush marijuana can put you in a better mood – a boon for people hoping to treat symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression in a natural manner, but not so helpful for patients seeking treatment for conditions like chronic pain or epilepsy. Still, a little sweetness never hurts.

If you happen to be counting your calories, we know one way to cheat on that diet without really cheating – a sampling of Birthday Cake Kush marijuana will stave off cravings for sweets and have you feeling happy and decidedly heavy, the perfect end to a good meal and a good day.

If Birthday Cake Kush marijuana is burning in the vicinity, you won’t be under the impression that someone is baking, but there is a strong aroma of sweet vanilla, with characteristically skunky and earthy notes that let you know weed is near. On the tongue, you’ll enjoy the complexity of this strain, with hints of sweetness, nuts, and butter that hit all the right notes.


Cheat day or not, cut yourself a slice of Birthday Cake Kush marijuana and cut yourself some slack – relatively easy to grow, this potent hybrid reeks of vanilla cake and happiness, and is a perfect way to end your day!

Favoring its indica heritage, expect your Birthday Cake Kush marijuana seeds to produce sturdy stalks and branches that can withstand climates both indoors and out, although it definitely prefers a warm/humid environment to flourish. Carrying on that line, you should be waiting upwards of 8 or 9 weeks for this beauty to flower, providing you a healthy but moderate yield of aromatic and potent cannabis.