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charlie sheen seeds

Charlie sheen seeds


Charlie Sheen is Both Indica and Sativa categories. Some people say Trainwreck , some say Green Crack . Well why not both, it would make sense wouldn’t it. Charlie was a Trainwreck in a sense and he liked the…well I don’t think we really need to say how Charlie Sheen got his tiger blood. So, on that note we would definitely say this is a hybrid, probably leaning more on the Sativa side. Charlie Sheen wouldn’t be the first Sativa hybrid to knock someone on their butt (cough cough OG cough). We would say Charlie Sheen Strain is probably somewhere around the 60/40 range. For the explanation on why some patients feel lazy Charlie Sheen Strain is somewhat similar to Blue Dream. Growing Charlie Sheen Marijuana Has Medical Benefits .

Growing Charlie Sheen Marijuana is Moderate

Charlie sheen seeds

Moreover, the energizing high replaces symptoms of fatigue with a lightweight feeling, allowing people to act on their desires without being held back by their apprehensions.

Meanwhile, cottonmouth and dry eyes are most likely to take hold whether one is a veteran or not. However, this is a rather mild reaction that can be easily be soothed simply by keeping hydrated at all times.

Of course, its success is built upon a trio of Hollywood favorites that make up its genetic backbone. On that note, it takes cues from the energetic delivery of Green Crack, making it a great addition for some confidence boost in social gatherings.

Adverse Reactions

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For one, it leans on a Sativa stature as it reaches a height of 180 cm. This means that topping the plants may be necessary in order to keep it manageable indoors, as well as to encourage bud growth.