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chocolony seeds

Chocolony seeds

10. cut the chilipepper in very small pieces. You like it spicy? You can leave the seeds in there. But ehh, we gotta warn you, even without the seeds it’s still a spicy lady.

7. heat the milk

2. Do you spot bubbles when you drop a slice of banana in there? If so, then it’s warm enough you’re ready to fry the banana

Tony's bananenchip met chocodip

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11. Stir the chilipepper, ginger and a pinch of salt through the chocolate dip and your dooone!

9. All stirred? When the mixture is cooled, you can stir the crème fraîche through it.

3. fry the bananaslices golden brown and get them out of the pan (not with your fingers!)

What to do?

1. heat 1 cm of coconut oil in a frying pan

4. dry them out on a paper towel

The Ghanaian filmmaker and poet David Boanuh was given free rein by Tony’s Chocolonely to produce a documentary film offering a uniquely West African view of the chocolate industry and the lives of Ghanaian cocoa farmers. In Golden Seeds, the cocoa industry is both a springboard to education and other career paths for families, as well as a world controlled by labour groups and exploitative chocolate companies. It’s a complex story, one that’s rarely been told from this perspective.