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clementine’s terpentine seeds

Clementine’s terpentine seeds

Clementine’s Terpentine by Taste Budz is a skunky 24K Gold phenotype that smells like turpentine. Turpentine, for those who don’t know, is a solvent rendered from the resin of tree, generally pine trees. This hybrid strain has thick, bulbous nugs and delicate orange hairs. The nuggets give off a sour, sweet fragrance and will assist you get physically mobile or mentally engaged.

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Clementine’s Terpentine strain is best described as Pine, Sweet, and Citrus.

Strain Flavor

Genetics: Clementine Kush x Super Silver Haze
Flowering time
Indoors, 8 to 9 weeks of effective flowering.
Outdoors, northern hemisphere, mid-October.

With the selection of Mr. Foxtail of Clementine Kush, awarded in WeedKend Jijón 2018 and the multi award winning Super Silver Haze, a crossover was performed out of series, the result is spectacular, huge plants with an extraordinary hybrid vigor, Huge leaves, stem and large branches, as we said, one out of series. The growth is compact, with broad trunks and strong branches with medium internodes, the growth is usually very fast, so it will need space to develop. The bloom begins very quickly when you notice the light change and is sative type, with huge fox tails, odorous and sticky in all phenotypes, In some phenotypes we find buds super prietos and other phenotypes will give us more airy buds, but equally tasty. The smell in green is the one that gives the name to the variety being this smell of turpentine, that changes to citrus smells when drying. The taste is citrus, lime, lemon, always pleasant and lasts a long time in the mouth. The production indoors the high, more than 600g per meter, on the outside, thanks to the hybrid vigor, we obtain huge plants with productions that can reach the 1800g per plant.