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colorado chem rbx3 seeds

Colorado chem rbx3 seeds

Humboldt Pound Cake x Mountain

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Humboldt Sherbert x Mango Trees

-Pineapple Muffin Auto [10pk]-

I up local a pick when I get home but so far they are doing good

A couple of weeks since my last post here. figuring on chopping about 25% of the room on Monday (9 weeks) and the rest 7-10 days later. I’ll again say I have never seen a hermie on an Ethos plant I grew. To remind everyone, I’m growing 23 plants of Zsweet Inzanity. Yield looks great, but probably not the highest I’ve ever done- we’ll see soon enough. I think my Kosher Kush plants have it beat. Need to get close to 4 1/2 lbs. under 2 lights to beat it. Trichomes are 98% cloudy, 2% amber- not long now for sure. Haven’t really smoked any, other than a small quick dried bud in a pipe- taste came through for sure, undefined buzz lasted a long time but surely need more time. My next crop, Ethos Member Berry seeds, arrived from SHN in 3 days.

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First off, I’d like to tell everyone to stop raving about Ethos. the word is spreading and it’s getting harder to get seeds I want.

Leans to the indica side, good to very good yielding and uniform plants, 25% THC, powerful and flavorable.

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So, next up coming is "Colin OG"- Grateful Dawg X The White X (Sour D X Flo)