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cookie face seeds

Cookie face seeds

Some of its reviewers share that they’ve enjoyed this strain for its potential to increase mental focus while it frees them from physical tension and pain. Some have noted that it remains easy to get tasks done despite the physical relaxation, and they feel that their creativity is boosted. Others have even called Cookie Face a “heavy sativa” since it keeps the mind sharp and body in a perpetual state of relaxation.

The scents and smells of Cookie Face are reflective of its name and lineage. When you open a container full of this strain, you’ll indulge in a sweet and almost berry-like scent with hints of vanilla that might remind you of raisin cookies. Its buds might also remind you of raisons as they’re covered in hues of violets that can catch your eye from across the room.

Cookie Face is a hybrid strain created by crossing Do-Si-Dos and the popular GSC.

THC levels tend to average in the low to mid 20’s while CBD levels remain below 1%.

Cookie face seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Sour Face x Animal Cookies by Ripper Seeds in limited edition, seeds exclusively in feminised format.

Sour Face x Animal Cookies, Sour, OG and Cookies lineage

Sour Face x Animal Cookies is a 60% Indica hybrid developed from two world-renowned US genetics.

Sour Face x Animal Cookies, sour fuel flavours and OG-cookie notes

On the one hand Sour Face (Sour Diesel x Face Off OG bx1), a strain representing the Sourdiesel family. It offers sour and petrol flavours, and a much shorter flowering period with tighter flowers and an easier cultivation than the original Sourdiesel. It is a very representative hybrid of the Sour and OG families, with great potency and a strong flavour.