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crippy seeds

Crippy seeds

Location: Woundstock – Gorehambe
Price: N/A (Dropped by Gorehambe)
Sellback: 0 Gold
Level: 1
Description: Sprout a creepy plant at your opponent’s feet! It might nibble their toes a bit.

Level: #
Description: Caused by taking a cutting of a Carnivera and planting it in a fresh grave.

Crippy seeds

Whether the player decides to help save the villagers from their impending doom or watch from afar as their village gets eaten is up to them, but this is seriously one creepy seed!

The player’s only escape from the repetition in this world is through a Nether portal, as the Nether doesn’t seem to have been affected by this curse.

The worst seeds, however, are some of the scariest to come across. They may even seem normal, but after some digging around, their cursed appearance comes to light.

#3 – Zombie Takeover

Is the loot of these joined Nether Fortresses worth the deaths and hassle of killing a constant stream of dangerous mobs? That’s for the player to decide.

This seed does, however, have some upsides to the terrain generation. There is a spot where one of the map’s diamond veins is duplicated over and over again, giving the player almost an entire stack of diamonds in one mining session.

Seed IP: 6897005041604436933

#5 – Dangerous Duplications

It’s difficult to figure out if this seed is cursed or blessed due to the constant repetition found in this seed.

This Minecraft Bedrock seed is so broken that it’s scary. While the usual Minecraft ravines are long and skinny and aim in a single direction, this terrifying ravine with lava coating has the entire bottom of the generation stemming in so many directions that it’s hard to keep up.