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crown og seeds

Crown og seeds

Cannabinoid Content: 23.13% THC, 0.049% CBD and 26.60% Total Cannabinoids.

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Crown OG Kush can produce these Medicinal Effects (and more): analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, mood enhancement/euphoric, nausea and gi pain relief, anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, heightened senses, stress relief, sedative/calming.

Crown OG Lineage / Genealogy

14% Pain numbing

Crown OG is a mostly indica variety, listed in our database as a clone only strain and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors . .

Medical Values

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Crown og seeds

Crown OG is a very red Indica with spade-shaped, fluffy forest and olive-green buds scattered with bundles of slender orange pistils and coated in a sticky trichome glitter. It’s deep-woods pine and skunk odor fills the air when combusted, leaving the user with a taste of spice and a sting in the chest as the milky-white cloud is released from the lungs.

Despite being a 100% Indica, this strain won’t leave you in a coma as reported by consumers. In Phase I, awareness and energy expand as you enter into a field of neurological cosmic euphoria. Crown OG is a creeper bud, so it’ll be a few minutes before Phase II starts. In Phase II, the user watches stress and anxiety melt away as the mind becoming like a clear-blue lake capable of deep-introspective thought. Peace and contentment are yours; the body is pain free, the muscles relaxed, and yet you still have energy to be productive! What more can one ask for? The most common conditions medical users are finding relief from with this strain are ADHD, anxiety, muscle spasms/cramps, depression, and chronic pain relief.

Crown Genetics created a 100% pure Indica strain bred from OG Kush that burst on the California scene in 2012. Crown OG is one of those strains to give to someone who doesn’t like an Indica because they’re too strong on the cerebral side according to users. This strength is largely in part to the enormous dosage of THC per serving, with levels frequently tipping 28%. Crown OG is not something for inexperienced users, and careful attention to one’s setting is recommended. That is, set aside a peaceful place where abrupt distractions can be controlled so the user can have the freedom to float upward, outward, inward, or whatever metaphor you wish.

Growing Crown OG should be fun, fast, and easy. Until seeds are available, it is currently a clone-only grow with a flowering time of under
8 weeks. Outside, it thrives in warm climates with a late September flowering phase. Indoors it responds well with hydroponics, and one can expect at least about 12oz of flower per plant.