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death bubba seeds

Purple Death Bubba Kush strain, feminized seeds. Beautiful phenotype, originally bred and selected for in BC Canada by Sea to Sky Genetics. A very popular strain with those in the know, for both tokers and growers alike.

Purple Death Bubba Kush strain, feminized seeds. Produces extremely potent rock hard compact buds that finish dark purple to black become throughly encrusted with tall resin capped trichomes on all parts of the buds, including the leaves.


Yields and growth are exceptional for a plant with this level of THC potency. Tight, yet vigorous growth both in veg and flower. Plants do well under a range of conditions. They are not an especially finicky specimen and handles common stresses well. Well suited to higher density plantings, But can also do great as a large widely branched plant given enough room to spread out and sufficient time in veg. Extract lovers will especially like Purple Death Bubba as golden extracts from buds can exceed twenty percent, by weight with ease. Higher extractions yields have been achieved. Very terpene rich, excellent for full spectrum, high terpene live resin extractions.

Purple Death Bubba Kush produces extremely potent rock hard compact buds. They finish dark purple to black become thoroughly encrusted with tall resin capped trichomes on all parts of the buds, including the leaves. The bouquet is strong and dank with hints of menthol. The buzz is very strong and physical. It comes on quick after just a few tokes of very creamy and highly palatable smoke. A dreamy and deeply relaxing physical buzz make this great for unwinding or chasing away any aches or pains. Leaves a very pleasant taste in the mouth and a delightful scent in the air.

Flowering: 8 weeks indoors or Late September Outdoors at Northern Latitudes. Height: Moderate, compact and widely branched. Buds: Hard and round with lots of resin and intense aromas. Buzz: Very potent physical and mental relaxation.

Few stains will blow your mind the way Death Bubba marijuana can – its’ sky-high THC levels (22%-27%) will deliver a potent head rush, clearing your mind and brightening your mood before its indica-dominant traits sneak up on you.

The initial boost may trick you into believing Death Bubba marijuana is a social strain but the delicious numbness proves otherwise. Your blissful euphoria will give way to a full body high that starts with a tingling sensation and leads to an introspective couch-lock.


No reason to be intimidated by the title – Death Bubba marijuanas 22% THC delivers the happy on a cloud of pungent smoke. Master experience growers can coax a hefty harvest in 8-9 weeks.

A major clinical benefit of Death Bubba marijuana is its ability to improve sleep quality, an effect that will serve patients suffering from insomnia, fatigue, or undergoing medical treatments and in need of restorative rest.