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divorce cake seeds

Divorce cake seeds

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Divorce Cake is one of those cannabis strains that are known to hit quickly and hard. It has been created by Jungle Boys and is a hybrid of marijuana. It was developed by crossing parent strains White Widow and Wedding Cake, combining the best of both to give users a relaxing effect. The THC content in the Divorce Cake strain is 19% which is not very high. The CBD content is between 0.8 and 1.24%. This CBD/THC ratio makes this weed suitable for adventurous beginners as well as advanced users.

Terpenes, Aroma, and Taste of the Divorce Cake Strain
The dominant terpene in this cannabis is Limonene. This is combined with others like Linalool, Bisabolol, Camphene, and Ocimene to create an overall sweet and citrusy taste. The aroma is similar, too, with citrus being the main smell and some flowery notes coming through. Overall, it is a sweet-tasting strain that is liked by most who try it.

Medical Values

Growing Tips
Getting the seeds and then growing this plant in your own home is very easy. It doesn’t require a lot of attention and produces buds between 62 and 69 days. It has a moderate yield and can be grown indoors and outdoors alike.

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Like many other strains, the buds of this plant can be used to help with some medical issues as well. It is mostly used to treat:

Divorce cake seeds

Bisabolol has a sweet floral aroma that can help promote relaxation. This terpene is commonly used in soaps and other personal hygiene products.

Indoors a grower can expect 0.5 to 1 ounce per square foot. Outdoors you can expect 1 to 2 ounces per square foot or around 400 grams per plant. This is a moderate yield so it is important to grow this strain well to help maximize your yield.

Camphene has shown promise in managing cardiovascular disease. Strains that include this terpene are Motorbreath and White Cookies.

Flavor And Aroma Of Divorce Cake

Ocimene has a fruity taste and can give your mood a burst of energy. Strains that contain this terpene at high levels include Blue Dragon and Larry Bird.

Yields are impacted by everything from the weather outdoors during your grow to the seeds you invest in. A master grower might not be able to overcome inferior seed genetics. Take the time to get advice on growing a specific strain as a few tips can help drive up your potency and yield.

What to know about the Divorce Cake strain is that it has one of the most humorous names in cannabis. Most people would love to have a cake to celebrate the end of an unhappy marriage. This strain is not going to disappoint whether you are looking for flavor or potency.

Divorce Cake Strain Flowering Time

The THC percentage of Divorce Cake strain is 22 to 27 percent. You will be in a haze so make sure that you have a comfortable place to take a seat.

The appearance of this strain is bright green with orange hairs. There are also trichomes covering this strain which is not a surprise due to its potency.

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