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do pine needles keep weeds from growing

The prickly parts of a pine tree aren’t just a sweet-scented addition to the holiday season.

Using Pine Needles (Pine Straw) For Mulching

Pine needles are handy to have all year long. When it’s time to mulch your plants and trees, consider using the needles that have fallen in your yard. A Davey blog reader, Shirley, had this idea, and she reached out to ask whether or not pine needles actually make good mulch.

When to Use Pine Straw vs. Mulch

The answer? A resounding yes! Read on to learn when and why you should mulch with pine needles.

Do pine needles keep weeds from growing

Mulching with organic materials helps add nutrients, keep weeds at bay and warm the soil. Is pine straw good mulch? Read on to find out.

Is Pine Straw Good Mulch?

Pine straw is freely available in areas with pine trees and is inexpensive to purchase in bales. Pine straw mulch benefits are plentiful and said to help create ideal conditions for acid-loving plants. Some would argue that they may even help acidify alkaline soils, although this has been highly debated, dependent on your location and current soil conditions.

Pine Straw Mulch Benefits

Many gardeners find the constant pine needles under their trees an unsightly mess, but using pine straw for garden mulch is effective for winter protection and a host of other uses. Pine straw is simply the dropped dry foliage from pine trees.