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does smoking weed make you grow facial hair

Does smoking weed make you grow facial hair

It also allows commanders to restrict facial hair if operations require it.

The U.S. military dangles cash bonuses and post-military college money to entice recruits into the service. Meanwhile, the Canadian military has beards and weed.

Canadian service members can consume pot as long as it is eight hours before duty, 24 hours before the operation of weapons or vehicles, or 28 days before high altitude skydives, military flights, or operations in a hyperbaric environment. It will still be banned from international operations, according to Reuters.

As Chad Garland of Stars & Stripes reports, a new rule took effect on Tuesday allowing all members of the Canadian military to rock a beard as long as they can grow more than just peach fuzz. “A member will … shave off unsuccessful attempts to grow a beard,” the policy says.

While the policy says its intent is to strengthen morale and team cohesion, it comes on the heels of another change that undoubtedly strengthens morale (and the munchies): the allowance of marijuana use.

Does smoking weed make you grow facial hair

Hemp oil has been scientifically proven to help beard growth, you can see the details on the post we made here. Infact, the properties of hemp oil help to speed up the growth of facial, the reason why we advise readers to go for it. This is because hemp has enough Omega 3, 6, 9 and Keratin, which helps to speed up hair growth.

Frequent smoking of marijuana can lead to hormonal change

Does Smoking Weed Make You Grow Facial Hair

Faster metabolism

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Marijuana can be associated with a faster rate of metabolism, which means that marijuana can help increase your body metabolic rate. This further states that marijuana can help you digest, and usually when this happens, it helps speed up other growth in your body; hair inclusive.