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dog face seeds

The seed its self is an arrow head shape often very small and hard to spot.

Here we wanted to give you the basics and what to look out for, how to avoid grass seeds and what they are capable of.

Grass Seeds Pose a Threat to Your Dog’s Health

Nose & Eyes:

How to Look Out For Grass Seeds

Always check your around your dog’s nose and eyes as its easy for them to pick one up when sniffing the ground, even on the side of a path, or when running in long grass. Check both nostrils, the fur on the face and examine any folds of skin your dog may have. Gently open each eye and just check they are clear.

Dog face seeds

So although it might sound minor on the surface of it, it’s really important to see a vet if you think your puppy might have got a grass seed stuck in their skin, nose, ears or elsewhere.

How can I tell if my dog has been affected by grass seeds?

“t’s important to know that grass seeds will not show up on a normal x-ray. Sometimes, for grass seeds that are in superficial skin areas, a dye can be used alongside normal x-ray to locate them.”

How can I prevent grass seeds affecting my dog?

A poultice may help but it is only to be used whilst waiting to see your vet. Grass seeds may be small, but they can cause huge problems if they are not removed quickly.