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double tap seeds

Characteristics: Packs on frost early. Brings the chem funk of the legendary GG4 and pairs it with the frost and color of the black bananas. A must have in any garden.

Yield: Above average

12 regular seeds per pack

GG4 x Black Banana

Solfire Gardens – Double Tap

Fragrance: High pitch gas

Flower Cycle: 60 days

Solfire Seeds are for novelty purposes. We fully comply with Federal and State Legislation. As a customer of Solfire Seed Bank you agree to do the same. Should you fail to comply, Solfire will not be held responsible. Solfire Seeds contain no THC

I know you guys have seen this before but thought I’d share my double taproot seedling. I crossed a trainwreck cross with itself and produced a few seeds. I placed the seeds to germinate 8/27. 2 days later most seeds cracked and 1 had a double taproot. I placed it in a 2.5 inch starter container in Roots Organic Formula 707 soil with added kelp meal and azomite + 25% more perlite. all these years and I have never had a double taproot. mainly because I practice asexual propagation rather than germinate seeds. but as of lately I have been doing more breeding than before therefor I am germinating more seeds than ever. enjoy the pics