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dragon snacks seeds

Dragon snacks seeds

Ultra Plants

Fish on vine

They don’t give a seed back after elder harvest (but have chance to give ultra tiger lily seed, which gives mega snacks too).

Most notable ones are ultra alligator pears and ultra trumpet vine (those give fish on vines, which are another plant giving megas). Apart from snacks ultra plants give amber and useful treasure cards.

Well, many of them dont know about wonders of gardening.


This plant gives a bunch of useful treasure cards on harvest (most notably: balanceblade, dragonblade, loremaster). Sword fern has a CHANCE to give you variety of snacks (those can include +25, +30 or even +50)

Dragon snacks seeds

Sweet, Salty, Bitter in a good way, crunch. I’m obsessed. Wish I bought more bags. Wish… it came in chocolate bar form. Please please make chocolate bars. So tasty.

Everything in this box was exceptional, not surprised as all the products I have purchased from Prana have been great! Definitely recommend!!

Organic Cacao Powder

Electronic Gift Card

Organic Pistachio Butter

Amazing! It was lovely to have an allergy free option for my daughter to enjoy over the Christmas season. My only suggestion would be regarding the packaging. It had a very tropical vibe that, while beautiful, didn’t look “Christmassy”. Other than that, it was terrific and we loved it!