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dream wedding seeds

Dream wedding seeds

Starting in November 2021, we are available for all of you lovely Southern California couples with NO TRAVEL FEES! We will be in the greater Los Angeles area + are so excited to officially be in one of our favorite places.

We’ve expanded to Southern California!

We have loved doing weddings + shoots in this area so much we decided to expand! Check out our blog posts + a few features from our favorite ones below:

Anything outside of the greater LA area will have small travel fees (like Palm Springs, San Diego or San Francisco).

Dream wedding seeds

These adorable mini seed packets have several messages you can choose from on the front with a personalized message from the couple on the back. Pricing for a pack of 25. Alternative quotes could include: Let Love Grow, Watch Love Bloom, Love Grows Wild pluse many more, or choose your own custom phrase.

This digital set includes specific flowers, vegetables and a versatile design to use for either choice. The file also leaves room for a personal message or note for the couple that you could include on the backside.

If you want the look of a seed packet but want to also include the seeds consider these pretty ”grow notes.” Each card includes the same message “Let Love Grow-Plant the heart and watch the flowers grow.” The seed paper includes a mixture of Catchfly, English Daisy, Spurred Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum, Black Eyed Susans, and Corn Poppy.

Variety Blend Plantable Seed Paper Confetti Hearts

These beautiful favors include the seeds and offer over 19 different designs! Pricing starts at a quantity of 15 and goes up from there with the potential to mix and match personalized designs. You can even gift these with mini terracotta pots as shown for a unique presentation.

For just one dollar a packet you receive a personalized envelope printed on bamboo paper with wildflower seeds included. Simple, elegant, and affordable for your eco-friendly favor.

Vintage Printable Seed Packet

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite seed packets from Etsy. Some are downloadable templates that you can print at home and apply on blank seed packets that you can purchase here. While some of the packets, the work has already been done for you and the image is prestamped onto envelopes and others are seed paper that can be planted directly into the ground.

KayleighDuMond • $23 for a set of 20