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easiest cannabis to grow indoors

Easiest cannabis to grow indoors

So here are five strains that are easy to grow for beginners: they grow strong, yield high, can grow in many different climates, and have a forgiving margin of error.

Blue Dream

Its sturdiness gives it a large margin of error when growing, in case you forget to water or give it nutrients, or give it too many nutrients for that matter. Blue Dream grows well in many different climates, both indoors and outdoors and can handle cold nights.

Wedding Cake

And to make things even easier, you may want to check out feminized or autoflower versions of them—feminized seeds don’t need to be sexed out to identify and get rid of pesky male plants; with autoflowers, you don’t have to worry about light changing, and you can harvest plants 2-3 months after seeds sprout.

Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Your Indoor Garden

Here are five of the easiest marijuana strains to grow indoors.

The Best Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

What’s the biggest yielding strain?


12 Highest Yielding Strains

What are the best seeds to grow cannabis?

Indica overwhelmingly dominated the map, with 35 states leaning toward the relaxing strain. Just 15 chose sativa, and they predominantly appear within the southeastern region of the US.

Easiest cannabis to grow indoors

Jack Herer’s characteristics lean toward Sativa. It continues to get taller during the flowering period. Its lateral branches become candelabra-shaped.

Sensi Skunk’s flavor is sweet and citrusy. It isn’t the same as the pungent, herbal flavors of other Skunk strains. It has potent effects, uplifting without overpowering.

Grower Checklist: Tools You’ll Need For Growing The Best Cannabis September 27, 2021 Julia Lewis

10. Jack Herer

White Widow’s medicinal properties make it desirable. It relieves pain and is effective in managing nausea. It’s perfect if you’re suffering from chronic pain like lower-back aches.

This strain’s life cycle is short since its flowering time is 45-50 days. Its Christmas Tree shape is compact, making them easy to manage in small indoor areas. Despite its stocky appearance, the American Dream has large yields.

Northern Lights won lots of awards in the past. It continues to be popular in cannabis fairs and events. Its flavor, yield, and effects make it worthy of mention in various songs.

2. White Widow Auto-flower

Want to start growing homemade cannabis? Read on and learn the best indoor cannabis strains.

After almost 50 years of breeding, Jack Herer remains a top choice for regular cannabis strains. It’s half-Indica and half-Sativa. It strikes a perfect balance between cerebral high and body stone.