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ec growing weed

Ec growing weed

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Ec growing weed

Managing the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of the water that is available to the plants is a key practice to maximize the speed of growth and yield of the harvest. We explain the importance of EC in “Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir with High Frequency Fertigation” and “Understanding EC, PPM & TDS for Growing Cannabis”. In order to manage EC, you need to set EC targets for the nutrient solution that will be available to the plant.

General EC Ranges for Cannabis in Coco

As water transpires from plants and evaporates from pots it causes EC of the remaining nutrient solution to increase. If you are unable to fertigate frequently, then it will be harder to maintain a tight range between inflow and run-off EC values.

Fertigation Frequency:

If the starting water already has a high EC, you should adjust your target to account for the EC of the starting water. For example, if the EC of the starting water is 150, then your EC target for the nutrient solution (inflow) can be adjusted by +150 points. Water that starts with an EC of more than 300 should not be used.