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edible weed seeds for sale

Edible weed seeds for sale

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Edible weed seeds for sale

There are species of thistle found in every US state.

Henbit leaves, stems, and flowers are edible. Henbit is in the mint family, but doesn’t taste at all like mint. It’s closely related to dead-nettle (#4 on this list).

Perhaps the simplest definition of a weed is a plant growing in a place where a human doesn’t want it.

Purslane thrives in poor soil. One of the unfortunate side effects of building our soil health over the years is that many edible weeds that grow in poor/degraded soil (like purslane) no longer grow in our yard, so we have to forage them.

Stinging nettle harvest/growing season:

Stinging nettle growing in late winter at Tyrant Farms.

The leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds of chickweed plants are edible. (We’ve written about chickweed in detail here.)

Warning #1: Before eating any plant/weed, always make 100% certain you’ve correctly ID’d it or there could be very serious health consequences.

Dock range:

Bittercress is a dainty, cold weather plant that tastes like a mustard green (it’s in the same plant family as mustard). We often use it as a garnish or in mixed green winter salads.

The leaves and flowers of wood sorrel are edible.