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elektra seeds

Elektra seeds

Personally, I think MTAs are despicably greedy and go against the collaborative, open source philosophy that used to be the norm among cannabis breeders. But unfortunately MTA's are becoming increasingly common in the hemp seed industry.

Looking for a 10pack of feminized Elektra seeds. Any leads?

The breeder of Elektra is a company called Oregon CBD. They have a 1000 seed minimum order per strain. They also have a material transfer agreement which forbids the buyer from reselling or gifting seeds or clones, or from inbreeding or crossing. As a result of the MTA, you will not be able to find people reselling 10 packs of Elektra, or any other Oregon CBD strain, because they dont want to get sued.

There are other companies that sell 10 packs without MTA bs though. High Alpine Genetics is one company that I'd recommend.

Elektra seeds

DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent


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