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emperor cookie dough seeds

Emperor cookie dough seeds

Tried Emperor Cookie Dough before? First of all, lucky you! Secondly, let us know what you thought in the comments below!

This strain is also sometimes called Imperial Cookies, Cookie Dough Cannabis strain, or Cookie Dough Weed.

Please don’t smoke this strain if you’re fairly new to cannabis. It would be like that first time you ever got drunk and you downed an entire bottle of vodka by yourself. Think about how well that turned out. THINK ABOUT IT. Yeah, we don’t want a repeat of that either. If, however, you’re an adept stoner and you’re looking for a Sativa-dominant hybrid to help you with stress or depression, then Emperor Cookie Dough is definitely going to be one to try. It will help you with the stress and worries of depression because of its high THC percentage and balanced, albeit Sativa-dominant, high.

If you do feel too stoned after lighting up, you can follow this guide on how to feel less stoned:

Emperor Cookie Dough isn’t the best choice for making concentrates unless you somehow procure some seeds yourself. That is because you need a relatively large amount of the strain to make a good amount of concentrates, and as it’s such a rare (read: expensive) strain, this probably isn’t worth it. However, if you do somehow manage to get seeds or clipping of this strain, the taste and potency of this strain make it an absolutely perfect choice for making into a concentrate .

Emperor Cookie Dough strain yield

The seeds for this strain aren’t available. You will have to try your best with the online sellers who claim to sell this seed or somehow try to find a clone. Good luck!

Emperor Cookie Dough is a balanced hybrid. These are very sought-after strains because they offer both the best effects from both branches of the cannabis tree. The potency of this strain is very high, leading some users to feel a little overwhelmed after smoking this strain. Read below for our tips on what to do if you start to feel the strain take over. Emperor Cookie Dough buds have a great tight, spherical shape. This makes it a perfect strain to grind up and stick inside your flower vaporizer .

The yield of Emperor Cookie Dough is about 4 ounces per foot squared, which is a moderate to high yield.

emperor cookie dough marijuana strainA close up of one of the most potent strains out there! Photo: @mrbuddhabellysbuds

Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Either method requires heat first, which is an essential part of making cannabis edibles. This turns THCA into THC, which is the chemical that gives you your high. This process is called decarboxylation , and, without it, the potency of your edibles will go down massively. You must also mix your decarbed weed with a fat or oil.

Emperor cookie dough seeds

i tried to buy these seeds as well and ship them out to Cali. however when i click on the $500 buy product price tag it redirects me to an empty shopping cart does bc seeds plan on restocking the item any time soon? i noticed the review above said 2 months later he had not heard anything back? could bc seeds please contact me via email so i can at least be next in line when this strain becomes available in seed form again? any feedback would be great!!
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Chris Hoiland – October 25, 2016 :

Emperor Cookie Dough Give You A Big Perma Smile

If redirected it means are are sold out. Amsterdam will take good care of your needs.

Emperor Cookie Dough Chronic Pain Holy Grail

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