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feminized cannabis seeds for sale usa

Feminized cannabis seeds for sale usa


Crop King Seeds and Seedsman both had an impressive number of strains and hard-to-find names for the experienced marijuana seeds connoisseur, with Seedsman boasting 1500+ marijuana strains.

They also accept Bitcoin for stealthy payments.

10. Marijuana Seeds NL – Best Free Seeds Deal

Still, with over 1,500 cannabis seed strains, variety is the company’s strong suit.

Buyers get 2 free feminized seeds with every order, 2 free auto-flowering seeds for orders over $75, and 4 feminized / 3 auto flower seeds for free when spending over $140.

Is it safe to order seeds?

You could send Bitcoin, Paypal funds, or even a money order through the mail and get your seed within a couple of weeks. Shipping is same-day and faster-than-average, with a dedicated customer support line.

Seedsman offers plenty of discounts, averaging about 25 percent off of orders and approximately 40 promotions a year.

Feminized cannabis seeds for sale usa

This daytime painkiller keeps your mind clear, focused, and concentrated without any symptoms of fatigue. Island Sweet Skunk marijuana seeds are a great remedy for pain, depression, and anxiety.

With a strong sedating power and the ability to create a dreamlike state of mind, Afgooey is well-loved by both recreational and medicinal cannabis users.

Afgooey Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Pacific Seed Bank is no newbie to the world of weed seeds. Working hand in hand with breeders and horticulturalists, we’ve amassed two decades of expertise in the world of marijuana cultivation. And you won’t find another company so willing to work their butts off making sure you’re a happy camper. We don’t settle for less than the best customer service reps, and you shouldn’t settle for less than perfect customer service.

Much like seeing an actual Blue Ox, this cannabis strain will create a sense of joy before dissolving into deep relaxation.

Blue Ox Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Crack open some Orange Kush to enjoy strong cannabis effects coupled with delicious citrus flavor.