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Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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When you want to grow weed, it can be difficult. You have to get the timing just right or pay for expensive lights if you’re not a high-tech gardener. But thanks to feminized seeds that eliminate any male plants from being grown at all and with companies like HydroGrow who offer easy DIY kits where everything is included in one box, cannabis cultivation has become an accessible hobby/profession anyone could enjoy!

Female cannabis plants produce flowers that can be harvested to create the psychoactive drug, marijuana. Feminized marijuana seeds are created by altering genetic codes so they will always grow into female cannabis plants and flowers with THC-producing buds like a normal weed plant would do.

The feminized seeds are the most important because only female plants will produce flowers. To grow these females, you need an understanding of how cannabis grows in general. Cannabis can be male or female but it is more common for a new plant to start as one sex and then switch later on when they reach sexual maturity which happens at about eight weeks from germination. Female plants dominate males so if there are any other gender around they’ll take control quickly.

Are you looking to get your hands on feminized CBD Hemp seeds? These female cannabis seeds are also high in medicinal cannabinoids, so they’re perfect for new growers. With these plants, it’s the quickest way to harvest a top-quality crop of flowers without worrying about pollination. You’ll be able to enjoy nothing but well-grown buds when harvesting time comes!


Cannabis plants will do anything to propagate their seed, but they can’t tell the difference between male and female cannabis seeds. Every plant produces both genders of marijuana seeds in hopes that some pollen is produced from a nearby flower so it may grow into another generation.

Cannabis is known as a weed because of its natural ability to spread. This made it easier for early humans and animals alike to find sustenance during the winter months when other plants were scarce, but recent worldwide prohibition has limited this space in nature. However, you can still buy cannabis seeds from a breeder like BUSHWEEDO that will allow you to breed new types of marijuana strains with their feminized genetics!


What if the cannabis plant could just flower without any of your help? Well, this is exactly what autoflowering seeds do. Autoflowers are genetically modified to mature after a certain period with little or no light at all, making them an easy and convenient way for you to grow these plants indoors year-round! All feminized versions come from female genetics that can only create females so it’s guaranteed there will be no males in your garden when growing using these auto flowering varieties. This makes sense because most growers want as many quality buds as they can get during their harvest time – male plants won’t produce anything worth smoking since they don’t have THC on board like our ladies do!


Female cannabis seeds are challenging to identify, so many growers go with feminized weed seeds for a 50% chance the plant will be female. By purchasing these special marijuana plants you can ensure that your crop is only made up of females which grow strong and produce high-quality bud without any male interference or pollination from nearby males!

If you’re looking for a powerful high, it’s best to avoid male cannabis plants. These typically produce no notable THC and are only used in breeding projects or when creating your own strain. If you want the real deal – feminized seeds are what will get you there!

Can you grow a cannabis plant from feminized seeds? If so, then what about cloning it? Well, not only can you successfully do the former with your new female plants, but also clone them for as long as they live.

Since growing marijuana is illegal in most places, cloning your plant can be a great option to get high-quality cannabis without putting yourself at risk. We have feminized seeds that come from strong genetics and are excellent candidates for cloning so you know what you’re getting into with the next harvest!


Feminized cannabis seeds are a great option for some people, and not so much for others. They offer the benefits of high-quality marijuana without any work on your part! Feminized plants have both pros and cons that you should be aware of before making this decision. Deciding whether or not to use feminized weed is one more choice in deciding how to grow marijuana at home since there’s no perfect growing product out there (yet).

Female plants are a grower’s dream come true, as they produce the flowers you want without needing to sit around and wait for males to pollinate. Now with BUSHWEEDO people can enjoy cannabis that is 100% female! No more wasted time waiting on male marijuana seeds or having all your space go unutilized until harvest because every plant will flower in this feminized strain.

Due to the feminized seeds, it is impossible to grow new strains of cannabis. The only way you can get a male plant and pollinate female plants for them not to be sterile is by growing from seedless clones or cuttings that come with pollen sacs intact.

You might prefer different flavors, THC levels, or yield. Choosing the best marijuana for you is as simple as finding your preferences and considering what you want in a plant! Regular cannabis seeds are perfect if flavor is a top priority – they offer many unique tastes that can match anyone’s preference. Feminized weed strains have more of an emphasis on bud size than regular plants do because these female plants produce buds with high percentages of THC. This makes them perfect for those who care about potency over all else!

Cannabis offers a multitude of flavor profiles and aromas to choose from, making this flower one for the true connoisseur. With over 150 different strains on offer these days, there’s always something new to discover- even if you’re not looking!

THC and CBD are the two most important chemicals that can be found in cannabis. THC is a psychoactive compound that produces euphoric feelings, whereas CBD doesn’t have any mind-altering effects at all. It’s only there to help people relax without feeling intoxicated. The different amounts of these components make marijuana suitable for many purposes – from getting high on your couch while watching Netflix or just taking some time off during work hours with an afternoon vape session!

When you head out to your local dispensary, it might feel like there are too many choices. There are Indica and Sativa plants with different THC and CBD levels that can have very different effects on people depending on the strain genetics. Different crosses between these two types of cannabis offer blended experiences for every person who loves weed!

Some plants love to live in your house. They don’t mind when you turn the air conditioner down or crank up the heat, because they’ve adapted for any type of environment and are happy no matter what. Other plants just can’t handle our modern lifestyle so well. These hearty souls lived outdoors back before we had artificial heating or cooling techniques like central AC systems and humidifiers that keep them comfortable indoors all year round!

Different strains of cannabis can have drastically different heights. So much so, that it could make a difference in where you decide to grow your plants! Indica-dominant strains are smaller with bushy foliage while Sativa dominant breeds tend to be taller and slimmer. This is important because if they’re too tall or wide for the space allotted them then there won’t be enough light for their buds to properly develop which will lead to not only fewer yields but lower quality ones as well!

Ever wondered what the best options are for maximizing your harvest? Feminized cannabis seeds offer some of the most efficient and reliable harvests you can find. But before buying, it’s important to research these top strains to make a decision that maximizes yield at all costs.

To start with, know how much work is required from one feminized seed strain than another so that sufficient time can be allocated accordingly. Some plants require little maintenance while others may need more care taken by hand – but they will pay off handsomely if given enough attention!

Some strains are ready to harvest in just 8 weeks, while others take up to 12. If you have a timeline that must be followed for your production process, you must find high-quality feminized seed stocks with the correct growth time of what will work best for your needs.


BUSHWEEDO stocks a wide variety of feminized cannabis seeds that are bred to be easier for growers. You can find high-quality weed at the best prices with expert growing knowledge and personal customer service from experts who know how frustrating it is to grow your own marijuana plants incorrectly. BUSHWEEDO’s focus on success in our customers will give you the perfect buds every time!

We are so confident in our feminized seeds, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You’ll be happy to know that you’re purchasing from one of the most trusted vendors on the internet with years and years of experience under their belt. Plus, they have great customer service!

We pride ourselves on being an industry leader when it comes to feminine cannabis seed genetics. We’ve been around for decades and all those long hours paid off our customers love us because not only do we stock some of the best marijuana varieties grown by professionals but also provide excellent prices along with professional customer service during every step of your order’s journey through our website (from ordering right up until delivery).

Once, you might have had to pay more for feminized cannabis seeds because of the cost associated with their creation. Now, however, we offer cheap feminized seeds that are created by breeders who work in bulk and at a discount price!


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    I love the seeds you guys sell! You always have great variety and new ones for me to try. I’m really impressed with how well they grow here, it must be a local thing since everyone else seems apathetic about their cannabis plants these days (and we need more caring entrepreneurs like yourself!). Thank you!!!

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    I ordered these seeds and they arrived quickly. The instructions were clear, I just followed them to the letter – plopping one seed into my garden soil at a time! So far everything is looking healthy with an end of week 1 already under control.

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    I know I’m going to have a great time with these new seeds. It’s such a relief that you guys replaced the bad ones for me because now everything should be just as awesome! A lot of people come back and tell me how much they love my weed, so thanks again – your products really work wonders on their patience levels 😉

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    The best seeds are here! I love ordering from this company. Their prices are fair and the delivery is quick, plus they always throw in some helpful advice for me too.