Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Many years ago, growing cannabis used to be complicated. Cultivators had to schedule everything properly or purchase expensive illumination. Today, any person can grow a marijuana plant at home due to feminized seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds are marijuana seeds that will grow into female plants. That’s an essential characteristic since only female cannabis plants produce marijuana. Male marijuana plants also produce flowers, but they can’t produce THC.

To really understand what the term “feminized seeds” means, you should know how marijuana grows. Marijuana can be male or female. The latter option is better since only female seeds will give you the flowers you wish.

Our company sells feminized CBD Hemp seeds, which have a high content of medicinal cannabinoids. Feminized seeds are the fastest way to receive a high-quality CBD hemp yield since you don’t need to worry about any fertilization. You get only the first-class flowers during the harvest season.

Meaning of the regular marijuana seeds: Traditional pot seeds aren’t divided by gender. A marijuana plant just wants to survive and pass its genetics to the coming generations. Therefore, each marijuana plant creates both male and female seeds. Usually, such seeds pollinate to produce small marijuana male plants.

That’s why marijuana is also called “weed”. It is so great at spreading its seeds that small marijuana plants used to grow everywhere. Nevertheless, the worldwide ban led to a reduction in the natural distribution of male and female marijuana plants. However, you can still purchase and use these non-feminized marijuana seeds to cultivate new types of cannabis.

Should you choose auto-flowering or feminized seeds?: Marijuana female plants also have certain lighting requirements. If you have no time to deal with your plant’s lighting needs indoors or wait for autumn before they start to grow, autoflowering seeds are the best option for you. This type of seed produces smaller plants. However, if you purchase feminized seeds, you definitely won’t receive male plants. Autoflowering feminized seeds start to flower automatically after several weeks, no matter how much light you give them. In our online store, you will find only feminized autoflowering seeds.

Main characteristics of female seeds: You can’t spot a female marijuana seed by simply looking at it. That’s one of the reasons why you should actually buy feminized cannabis seeds. We take care of these seeds to make sure that they grow up potent and healthy. If you haven’t bought feminized marijuana seeds, chances are high that your seeds will grow into a male plant. The majority of cultivators aren’t ready to take this risk.

Male marijuana plants still have many benefits, but they won’t deliver any THC. For the majority of cannabis growers, the only use for a male seed is reproduction. Unless you want to develop your own strain, you should opt for feminized marijuana seeds.

Is it possible to clone feminized marijuana seeds?: As soon as you’ve grown a marijuana plant from feminized seeds, you can be sure that you are the owner of a female plant. And what if you could clone it? You’d be golden. Well, congratulations! You can do it. Actually, once you purchase and grow your feminized marijuana seeds, you can clone the plants as long as you want.

The procedure of cloning cannabis is very simple. It is essential to start with purchasing a healthy female plant. The feminized seeds available in our store have potent genetics, which makes them perfect for cloning.

The advantages and disadvantages of feminized cannabis seeds: Feminized marijuana seeds seem perfect. Even too perfect to believe the sellers’ promises. Many clients are afraid that these plants may have some hidden flaws. Although feminized seeds are beneficial, they aren’t ideal. You should be aware of their benefits and drawbacks. So, how to understand whether feminized cannabis seeds are a good choice for you?


It brings lots of flowers: each plant will grow female and give you as many flowers as you wish.

No worries: If you choose female plants, you won’t have to waste your time on the cultivation of useless marijuana.

Effectiveness: Since each plant will flower, cultivators can make the best of their space and grow only useful plants.

Drawbacks: Absence of seeds: As all feminized seeds will be female, you can’t grow cannabis seeds. No male plants mean no fertilization, which means that you will be unable to develop new strains.

How to choose feminized marijuana seeds?: There are many factors that define great marijuana. There is no perfect option- everything depends on what you want from it- specific flavors, high THC content, or huge yields. Traditional marijuana seeds and feminized marijuana seeds can provide many features, which means that you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Flavor: Various auto-flowering feminized seeds can have very different tastes. Every single strain has its own taste profile: from sugary and mild to piquant. The tastes are defined by the terpenes in the strain. The top-quality feminized marijuana seeds provide all kinds of terpenes, so even the most sophisticated grower can find something to his/her taste.

CBD and THC levels: CBD and THC are the two most significant chemicals for all cannabis cultivators. THC is the substance that offers the high so many people dream of. However, CBD products are also gaining popularity for their ability to relieve anxiety and calm people down without producing high. Different clients opt for different doses of CBD and THC.

Impact: Based on the genetics and the THC/CBD content of the strain, different feminized marijuana plants can offer completely different impacts. For example, Indica can help you relax, while Sativa can fill you with energy and produce high. The combination of both strains can provide an unusual mixed effect.

Indoor vs outdoor growing: Each plant needs different conditions. Some of them prefer a cold climate, while others require high humidity/heat, etc. Therefore, some plants should be grown inside the house, where you can manage their environment, and other flourishes outdoors.

Size: Usually, Indica strains turn into small and thick plants, while Sativa becomes high and slim. The size of your plant will define the best place for growing it. At the same time, hybrids may have characteristics of both sorts. We recommend you opt for a strain that will correspond to the space in which you’re going to grow.

Harvest: If your main purpose is to increase their yield, you should research the expected yield before purchasing the feminized marijuana seed. Some plants produce huge harvests without much effort, while others give fewer flowers. To make full use of the best-feminized marijuana seeds, start by learning what to expect from your plant.

Flowering time: Different strains have very different flowering times. For example, auto-flowering strains flower very fast (in about two months). Other strains can take about three months, which delays your harvest. If you want to receive yields as quickly as possible, you should opt for top-quality feminized cannabis seeds.

Where to find the best-feminized cannabis seeds?: Feminized marijuana seeds help you grow the plants faster and easier. However, only high-quality seeds will help you achieve good results. Our seed bank offers only top-quality feminized marijuana seeds at an affordable cost. In addition, you will get the support of our experienced growers.

If you’re still not sure whether you should buy from us, take a look at the feedback of our customers. Cultivators worldwide choose us for our guaranteed delivery, great discounts, excellent client service, and a huge choice of feminized seeds.

Excellent quality at an affordable price: Purchasing feminized marijuana seeds can be costly since making a feminized seed is a very difficult task. The feminization procedure is expensive, which makes the cultivators charge more for this type of marijuana seed. But in our store, you can find inexpensive feminized seeds since we purchase from our breeders wholesale. This way, you will enjoy all the benefits of feminized seeds at an excellent price without compromising the quality.

Female plants are an essential part of cultivating marijuana. Feminized seeds can give you as many as you wish. By buying high-quality feminized seeds, you won’t have to fuss with the male plants.