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fire stomper seeds

Fire stomper seeds

What’s worse is when the dispensary doesn’t give you any information on the strain. I understand not everything is online but if they’re selling it they should tell you about it’s linage. The only time I went to Central Ave they had a strain I never heard about so I asked. Their response was “we don’t know the genetics, we made it here, it’s a hybrid”. like that’s all the info you can give a med patient about medicine you’re selling?

It kind of bugs me when I can’t find any strain information online, so I had to try. It has a kind of light, earthy smell with a hint of gas (I’m bad at describing smells lol). Holy moly, this stuff SLAPS. Instantly hits you in and gives you an intense, almost trippy head high. Slowly creeps it’s way down into your body for full relaxation. I was so high I couldn’t remember if I smoked 1 or 2 bong packs. An excellent hybrid. Buds are small which isn’t unusual for Cresco

Cresco has been killing it lately. I don't care what anyone says. I know they used to be hit or miss months ago, but for the last 3 months every single thing I've bought from them (I go through about an eighth every week or two so I've tried a lot of products) have all been absolutely wonderful. Way better than anything I've received from Solar, Nova, or Northeast Alt. Verilife had some good flower from GTI but I'm never going to Verilife again after bad service I received on my last visit.

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