Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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It’s time to get you to grow on! In the following article, we will discuss how you can obtain cannabis seeds in the United States. We will provide a list of seed banks that are reputable and safe.

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Do you want to grow cannabis? Cannabis seeds are the first step. But where do you get free cannabis seeds USA? You can find them right here! Our article will answer all of your questions about growing weed, what kind of plants to expect, and how to care for them. We also have reviews on the best strains currently available in the US market. And don’t forget that we’re giving away a free pack of 10 feminized White Widow marijuana seeds in this post too!

White Widow marijuana seeds are a great strain for novice growers. They grow well indoors and outdoors, so they can be grown in most climates. The plants have high THC content that ranges from 18% to 24%. Its yield is between 500g/m² on average and the flowering time is about 65 days of 12 hours light per day.

This plant grows tall with many branches and buds of multiple colors (green, purple). It takes its name from the white hairs which cover it making it very hard to see any other color underneath them when looking at mature plants up close. This strain was developed by the Dutch Passion Seeds company as one of their favorites because it delivers such an incredible psychoactive effect without too much effort involved for this to happen.

Unique features: White Widow plant is a pure Indica strain that will give you an amazing and potent high if consumed after drying or curing it for some time, which makes this the perfect weed to grow outdoors in colder climates where plants are sensitive to freezing temperatures during winter months. It also has a higher resistance towards mold than other strains of cannabis so growing these seeds outside should not be much of a problem as long as they’re planted on soil rich with nutrients. In terms of flowering time, this particular variety can take anywhere between 50 days up until 65 days before harvesting becomes necessary and crops reach their full potential – meaning that the user will need patience when dealing with this type of marijuana seed because waiting too little might result in poor quality.

The user can expect THC levels to be sitting at a healthy percentage of around 17% – 18%, and strains like these are also known for their strong medicinal benefits, which is why it’s not uncommon that people will use them in order to deal with any type of chronic disease they might have. These cannabis seeds were bred from two well-known parents: Haze and Northern Lights. This means that the plant is recommended for those who want something similar to what was used during the seventies when marijuana started being legalized worldwide or if you’re looking for fast flowers without having too much extra weight on your buds due to time needed before harvesting becomes necessary.

We hope you enjoy the article and have a great day! – The Grow On Team.