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girl tells teacher parents are growing weed

“A lot of it?” asks her father, to which Skylar responds, “Yeah, just a little bit, but it’s going to grow a lot.”

“Do you want to show people what you’re talking about?” her dad asks.

“When I got to your school, your teacher said, ‘I heard you have a lot of weed at your house,’ ” Skylar’s dad, Dax Holt, says in a video he posted to Facebook. “Are we growing weed at our house?”

The young girl had an awkward exchange with her teacher when she spilled the beans that her family was growing weed at home — only the kind of weed she was referring to is of the garden variety!

Skylar then leads him to the backyard to point out the family’s “weed.”

Holt posted this video to his Facebook page, and as parents the world over relate to times their children have innocently incriminated them and the clip is going viral.

Already it has notched up nearly 200,000 views and prompted a few similar stories.

Teacher: "she said you're growing it"

My child's teacher: "so Skylar tells me you guys have a ton of weed at home."

Little Skylar thought she was talking to her teach about gardening, but instead she was dobbing in her dad, Dax Holt, for cultivating drugs.

Holt captioned the clip with a brief explanation of what went down at school:

"My daughter informed the teacher, 'my Daddy drinks while he drives me to school, every morning'," Delores Steen said on Facebook.