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goldberry seeds

Mystery surrounds its origins, but Goldberry marijuana is well known as a potent and fragrant indica that delivers both bliss and relaxation in equal measure.

Mysterious in origin and access, one thing is certain about Goldberry marijuana – with nugs that glitter like gold, this strain is a shining example of marijuana.


Boasting up to about 19% THC at its top, Goldberry marijuana is a pure indica that masquerades as a hybrid. The strain starts with a cerebral rush that may have you feeling energetic and productive, but soon a delicious relaxation takes hold with an intensity that will have you seeking the bliss and comfort of your couch.

Not only is Goldberry marijuana a sight to behold in the garden, but its fragrance and flavor profile are equally appealing. The plants give off strong aromas of lemon, pine, blueberry, and even skunk to underscore and uplift its fruity sweetness. The buds of Goldberry marijuana seeds are sticky with resin and though there is little information readily available that speaks to the best practices around growing this strain, if it is true to its indica heritage, it will be relatively short in stature and stocky, and will likely be ready for harvest after 7 to 9 weeks of flowering.

“Blue Goldberry” is the name on my original seed packet. But I cannot find it under this spelling, although I do find Blue Gold Berries as a selection of Blue Berries from Wild Boar Farms. And then of course I see several examples where folks have added “Indigo” on some whim, but I can’t tell if that is a separate line or the same, cavorting around incognito.
This little fruit has a powerfully sour flavor, as sharp as a lemon. I may grow it again just to see if more sugar develops, but what I have right now is something with pucker power.