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golden soda seeds

Golden soda seeds

This simple Seeded Soda Bread recipe yields a homey, delicious loaf speckled with nutty seeds and just a touch of golden raisins. So perfect with a bit of marmalade or just on its own. Plus, this bread has a bit of an unusual surprise…

Authentic Irish Soda Bread?

So, you’ll actually find a very befitting surprise once you’ve sliced this loaf! I’m calling it a St. Patrick’s Day surprise! The chlorophyll in the sunflower seeds will react with the baking soda in the bread to create little green flecks throughout. As the loaf sits, the green will become even more prominent. This reaction is completely harmless and I think, it’s just really fun!

What’s the surprise?


Golden soda seeds

This seed is only available in Italy in Autumn and must be sown promptly within the September-January planting window in the Southern Hemisphere as the germination rate falls off rapidly.

Plant from spring through summer, when soil temperatures reach about 18 degrees. Soak seeds overnight before sowing. Sow and cover with 1cm soil. Space seeds 10cm apart. Thin to one plant 30 apart in row or raised bed. Germination time: 7-10 days. Start cutting from the plants when they are about 20cm tall. Cut the green tops or sections of the plant; it then will regrow. 10 gram packet contains approximately 330 seeds. Minimum germination 65 percent but seed germination falls off rapidly with time and I can offer no guarantee of success. I will plant a bed and report back.

This sought after unusual vegetable has been imported only twice to Australia. It is very seasonal in Italy, with planting in the Northern Hemisphere March to July (September to January here) and harvest June to October (December to April here). I recommend that you plant it as soon as possible, preferably as soon as received. The seed may not be viable for more than 6 months.