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When asked to boil the appeal for drivers down to a single concept, Chan is quick to choose “consumer empowerment.” He explains this using transportation trailblazer Uber as an analogy. “What the difference is between before Uber and the present is now the consumer interacts directly with the driver. It is simple but it has created a billion dollar industry. We’ve bypassed competitors who require you to talk to someone to get information. With IGEN the information goes directly to you.”

Have you ever wished you knew how fast your teenage son was driving your car when he borrows it? Or exactly where dear old dad is when he is 40 minutes late for a family dinner?

Or that your car battery is about to conk out before it does so and leaves you stranded in the middle of a downpour?

When a customer purchases a new car they have the opportunity to subscribe to the IGEN service and have a full array of real-time data available to them to monitor the conditions and use of their car.

Chan names some of the biggest insurers in the United States and says “this is where they are heading – if you want a discount on your insurance you will have to have one of these in your car.”

Another benefit to consumers is the potential for lower insurance rates. In this scenario, the driver chooses an insurance company that agrees to a discounted premium in exchange for the ability to monitor driving habits so the insurer knows if the driver is operating the vehicle safely and adhering to limitations within the terms of the policy. The owner saves money and the insurance company knows it is underwriting someone who realizes they are being monitored and therefore had better drive responsibly.

“Less than 10% of customers come back to the dealer after the warranty period expires,” Chan points out.

“The premium discounts come from the ability of the insurance company to have better visibility on your driving patterns. We have the capability within our platform to know whether you are a good driver or a bad driver. We have developed algorithms along with insurance companies to determine that as it relates to premium discounts.”

Chan explains that the insurance industry in the United States suffers some $15 billion each year in what is known as “rating errors,” essentially money left on the table by insurance companies because they are incorrectly assessing the behavior of the drivers they insure. “The fact is they are guessing and don’t really know how you drive,” says Chan.

You know, a lot of the more legitimate hash oil makers have switched from butane to CO2.

AFAIK, what happens during extraction is the solvent pulls the active cannabinoids off the plant matter as it boils. It doesn't matter what the solvent is so much as it's extremely low boiling point. Since CO2 is harmless to consume, an imperfect purge (and there's no such thing as a 100% perfect purge) is far less dangerous and unhealthy than one with butane.

EDIT: Can't wait to read all the dipshit comments from /r/portland. Lol who are we kidding? I won't be reading any of them. Everything listed above is enough to NOT vote for Corrupt Kitzhaber, there is no reasoning that counteracts the above FACTS and justifies voting for him – NO REASONS AT ALL. He has completely fucked our state in economy, government budget, and education and in four years he'll get to prance away and laugh about it while you all are still blaming Bush.