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good plants to grow with weed

Good plants to grow with weed

Alfalfa ( Medicago sativa) is another cover crop that works with bacteria in the soil by drawing in nitrogen from the atmosphere, boosting vegetative growth and due to the deep roots, increases water penetration keeping the roots hydrated.

Even though companion plants are any type of vegetation that can have a beneficial relationship with your cannabis, there are different types.

Food and herbs

Companion planting is a natural and very effective way of improving your soil and cannabis in general, either with better soil, preventing pests, or just by keeping the moisture locked in, these plants will aid you in the process of growing cannabis.

The soil fertility can be improved by having nitrogen fixers that fixate the nitrogen from the atmosphere. Vegetations like clover and peas develop a symbiotic relationship that helps fix nitrogen in the soil that can be used by your cannabis, other vegetation, and microorganisms.

3. Best Companion Plants for Cannabis Growing

These aromatic herbs and cover crops are a natural way to protect your grow from pests and diseases, they can attract beneficial bugs that feed on harmful species, some also can combat mold and fungi that can attack your garden.

In hot climates, sandy soil should be mulched to help with water retention and to keep roots from getting too hot.

Sustained temperatures above 85°F will cause your plants to stop growing, while continued temperatures below 55°F can cause damage and stunting to plants, even death.

While some plants thrive in their native soils, which are usually one of the compositions listed above, cannabis plants are best grown in soil that includes a combination of the three consistencies above—this mixture is known as loam.

Sandy soils

Soil, at a basic level, is defined as the topmost layer of earth in which plants grow—it’s a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles. Cannabis plants thrive in soil rich with organic matter, and they need good drainage.

Big yields

Choosing the best outdoor cannabis grow site

It’s fun and relaxing

Sandy soil is easy to work, drains well, and warms quickly, but it doesn’t hold nutrients well, especially in rainy environments. You’ll want to dig large holes for your plants and add compost, peat moss, or coco coir, which will help bind the soil together.