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gorilla cookies seeds

Gorilla Cookies is an absolute beast of a cannabis strain. This cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookie Wreck boasts THC percentages in the mid 20s!

Gorilla Cookies is an indica-dominant plant that produces hard, dense buds that are just packed with resin. It is a good strain for both outdoors as well as indoors where it finishes flowering in 9 – 10 weeks. In addition to the almost absurdly high THC there is a good dose of CBD too courtesy of the Cookie Wreck.

Indoor yields are very good and fall in the range 450 – 550 gr/m 2 . Outdoors growers can expect to harvest something in the region of 700 gr/plant or more in ideal conditions. In the northern hemisphere outdoor plants will be ready in the middle of September.

Marsh – January 17, 2021

Even after curing, Gorilla Cookies remains coated in sticky grease that will ring your bell. Growers have reported that this strain has produced up to 37% in return of extracts.

Here is what one grower had to say:

Nick – May 25, 2021

Gorilla Cookies Taste and Smell

The taste and smell of Gorilla Cookies is very strong and unique. Most noteworthy, it has the pungent funk from the Gorilla Glue #4 S1 combined perfectly with the exotic notes of the Thin Mint. The highly unique and delicious taste will coat the inside of your mouth. This strain is LOUD!

First time growing ever and I absolutely love this strain already don’t have anything to compare to but these girls sprouted 3 weeks ago and haven’t stopped growing, fast quick smelling good looking good, any advice would be greatly appreciated tho as well, thanks!

David (verified owner) – March 15, 2021


GROWERS NOTE: Likes to stretch in flower so plan/train accordingly.

“These very dense gems of super frostiness smell so good. In addition, the flavor is powerful, but without harshness, and the smoke expands in the lungs. This is potent stuff that has a relaxed effect on the body and mind, yet the mind stays clear and active.” – L.

Gorilla cookies seeds

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