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grandma’s batch seeds

Grandma’s batch seeds

Its flowering period lasts 65 days, during which it develops large, dense buds, coated in a thick layer of trichomes that covers all its flowers. Yields indoors range from 400 to 500g per m2 and more than 700g per plant outdoors, being one of the best strains of the Cookies genetics family for outdoor cultivation.

At the level of smells and flavours it’s a strain that really stands out, with floral nuances and sweet notes along with a mixture of butter and lemon resulting in a smooth and tasty sensation on the palate.

Grandma’s Batch from US seed bank Purple Caper Seeds is a regular cannabis variety created from the crossing of two strains of high quality and recognition such as Candyland and Girl Scout Cookies (F2), resulting in a genetics of great flavor and potency. This variety has twice been awarded in the High Times Cannabis Cup, and is famous in the state of California.

In vegetative growth Grandma’s Batch is robust, vigorous, and branchy, adapting well to pruning, being suitable for SCROG type cultivation techniques. It is also very simple to grow without pruning in a conventional way, naturally assuming with a pyramidal structure with a dominant central cola. It adapts well to all cultivation systems, giving great results in soil, coconut, hydro, aero, etc.

It is a plant that provides high returns in resin extractions, giving concentrates of the highest quality in all techniques, be it BHO, Dry Sift, Rosin, Water hash, etc.
Its effect is euphoric, cheerful, lifts the mood with a relaxing background towards the end of its effect, like the best well balanced Indica/Sativa hybrids.

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Grandma’s Batch Cannabis Seeds from Purple Caper Seeds