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great white shark weed growing

Great white shark weed growing

Although the taste of this strain isn’t exactly akin to something like Girl Scout Cookies, which was bred for its taste, that does not mean the taste is going to be terrible. If you want to fully experience the taste of any strain then you should get your flower vape out and give it a puff inside this. Even better would be to first grind up the strain, allowing for the flavor and potency to be fully released.

This strain is sometimes called Blue Shark Strain, Shark Weed, Great White Weed, Shark Flower, or Shark Dab.

Great White Shark was considered to be very potent in its heyday. Although it’s not considered to be super potent by today’s standards, that doesn’t mean it should be brushed aside as a weak strain. It was created by the legendary breeders Green House Seeds, who are based in Amsterdam. If you’ve seen the Vice documentary on Youtube where the group of growers tries to find some of the rarest landrace strains in existence, then that’s who these guys are. Great White Shark is another classic example of a landrace cross strain, which brings together two or more landrace strains to create one dank strain. It was first bred in 1995 and won the entire 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup competition for best marijuana strain. Needless to say it’s a classic that all stoners should get to know!

A landrace strain is one of the original strains that grow naturally on the earth. It’s like eating an apple straight from the tree instead of making it into apple juice. Which is tastier – the apple or the juice – depends on the user. Some people prefer simpler landrace crosses, others prefer the frankly rather crazy dankenstein strains. Whichever you prefer, you can rest assured that this is a great strain, as it was created by master growers for their clients.

Great White Shark strain taste

Great White Shark is an excellent choice for those to concentrate connoisseurs out there. That is because it is literally covered head to toe in trichomes and has a very large yield. These two key characteristics are things that every concentrate maker in the world looks for. Not only this, but this strain grows in only 8 weeks, making it a perfect choice. However, making your own Butane Hash Oil is considered to be very dangerous, so please exercise caution.

Great White Shark strain: Indica or Sativa?

It is a plant that responds extremely well to the Screen of Green (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) growing methods. Great White Shark weed also grows well in a hydroponics setup. When you grow it properly, the strain lives up to its name as it will be covered in white trichomes. As a result, it is one of the strains of choice for individuals looking to create concentrates.

As the new century dawned, Great White Shark was almost an endangered form of cannabis as fresh new strains hit the marketplace. Fortunately, it is making a comeback and has become a big hit in Colorado.

What Can I Expect When I Use Great White Shark Weed?

If you enjoy the aroma, you will adore the taste! Its genetics ensure that Great White Shark has a very skunky taste and there is more than a hint of citrus throughout. You may also be surprised to get the taste of lavender, clove, and honey as you smoke your joint, with a spicy wood note leaving a strong aftertaste.

The buds are shaped like footballs, while the calyxes are extremely fluffy. When it is getting ready for harvest, you should see red-orange pistils and glistening trichomes .

What Is the Great White Shark Strain?

Great White Shark is a consistently potent strain , and the effects are quite strong throughout the high. It certainly earns the name ‘Peacemaker’, because you will feel happy and at ease with yourself. Users report feeling a mood boost that lasts them for the entire day. If you have had a stressful day, light up a joint with Great White Shark and prepare to relax.