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green drop seeds

Green drop seeds

Some brands of grass seed come blended with a “filler” product intended to help you distribute the seed evenly and to act as a protective covering. I personally avoid these products because they are more costly than purchasing a bag of high-quality plain seed and they don’t cover as large of an area.

Preparing the ground for planting

Once grass is fully established, stop irrigation all together, unless there’s a prolonged period of drought. When it comes to watering established lawns, it’s always better to water less frequently but very deeply. Always water lawn in the morning, if possible, to reduce the chance of fungal disease issues.

How often to water grass seed after planting

After selecting and purchasing the seed, it’s time to prepare the soil for the planting process. This is a very important step in knowing how to plant grass seed successfully. The tender roots of young grass plants will not grow well in compacted soils so it’s essential that this step be done properly. Here are instructions for prepping the ground to overseed bare spots in an established lawn and instructions on how to prepare for planting grass seed in a large bare area.

All Green Drop services are automatically scheduled at the perfect time throughout the season to provide optimal results. You may find that exact dates of each visit vary from year to year depending on weather and growing conditions.

When are my services scheduled?

Absolutely! Green Drop only uses approved products when and where they are needed. Some products are sticky, so we simply recommend staying off the lawn until it is dry to avoid tracking—product usually dries within a few hours.

Are your products safe for my kids & pets?

All Green Drop services are specifically designed to make it beautiful outside. Check out the details of all the services provided in your city: