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green queen seeds

Green queen seeds

There’s a new queen of hearts amongst medical cannabis users. Because of its 19% THC level, it effectively offers relief from pains and a spectrum of other ailments.
It’s uplifting high clears the haze of anxiousness from the minds, shining light on people suffering from depression. As it improves a person’s overall mental state, it helps control mood swings and conditions such as ADHD, PTSD and Bipolar Disorder.

It also has appetite boosting qualities. Now, cancer patients who have lost the desire to eat will now have an appetite fit for a king or queen. Additionally, its mild sedative properties preps insomniacs for a long night of sweet dreams.

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Green Queen can be cultivated in either outdoors or indoors. In either environment, it should be kept warm (21-16 degrees Celsius).

Medical Use and Benefits

Despite having a royal status, Green Queen has the same adverse effects as the rest of the cannabis variety, which is usually a dry mouth and eyes. It’s easily mitigated by staying dehydrated at all times. So, just having a bottle of refreshments nearby would be enough to curb this discomfort and assure an enjoyable ride all throughout.

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Green Queen may not overpower senses, but its THC content of up to 19% can still pack a mean punch as it envelops the body in a numbing embrace. It helps stabilize heightened energy from the strong Sativa effects to deliver a full-on body relaxation without the sedation. But when taken too much, even Green Queen can induce couch lock.

Adverse Reactions

A jack-of-all-trades in the cannabis deck, Green Queen shuffles out the best cards on the table with the best qualities of an Indica and Sativa hybrid. Harmonizing head and body effects, it is an expansive and energetic cerebral buzz that takes one to a mental flight but is smoothened out by a mellow body high. Sit back and relax because this will bring novice and veteran users to a suave ride.

Once ignited though, it’s time for dessert, and it delivers a noticeably skunky smell with dashes of sweet, lemon zest and pepper. It’s a perfect finisher as the citrus-like smoke provides a smooth experience, making it an overall easy toke to handle.

Green Gelato can be grown indoors and outdoors and responds superbly to a broad range of manipulations including, low stress training, SCRoG, topping, fimming etcetera to maximise production. Indoor plants grow to a height of between 80 – 120 cm. and producing between 500 – 700 gr/m 2 in an 8 – 9 week period of flowering. Outdoors in soil plants will grow rather taller reaching a height of 150 – 200 cm. and yielding 800 gr/plant with norther hemisphere harvests in early October. RQS recommeds that whatever your growing medium the end of flowering should see a thorough flush with plain water in order to maximise and accentuate the full flavour effect. Towards the end of florescence there is a good chance of purple hues appearing in the buds and smaller leaves especially when night-time temperatures are a lot cooler, say 10°C or so, and this looks very striking alongside the orange pistils.

Green Gelato is slightly more indica than sativa and was bred by crossing Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints pheno. with Sunset Sherbert. This has to be one of the very tastiest strains ever and forms part of what RQS term their “dessert cannabis strains” collection. Bred with exclusive Californian genetics and delivering very High THC and very high yields.

The taste is a blend of Kush, bakery goods and forest fruits with some earthy undertones. THC production is very high at 27% and CBD levels are low. The effect is a mixture of mental and creative energy accompanied by an almost jelly-like feeling in the body. Just make sure there’s a couch nearby! You’ll probably need to sit or lie down.