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ground cover to keep weeds from growing

The sheeting starves weeds of sunlight, which helps prevent their growth. When used correctly, ground cover sheeting is an effective way to prevent weeds and maintain the beauty of your outdoor space.

Prepare the Soil

Black plastic sheeting

Pull New Weeds

Cover the black plastic sheeting with a 4-inch layer of organic mulch. Push the mulch to the edges of the black plastic so they aren’t visible. Smooth the mulch into an even layer. The mulch helps hold the sheeting in place and adds an extra layer of weed prevention.

Ground cover to keep weeds from growing

Answer: Gardeners do use ground covers like a mulch, to hold moisture and prevent erosion. I would be careful, however, to keep some space between plants and the ground cover to prevent rust, mildew, and other problems.

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Are there any ground covers that would work to keep weeds at bay but allow vegetables to grow in gardens?

4. Phlox Subulata

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