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grow box for one weed plant

Grow box for one weed plant

first round is on the house!

Stealth Box’s organic system means you don’t need to handle or understand dozens of different nutrients – aside from a single flowering nutrient, you will just add water! With a system this simple, we know that anyone can become a successful grower. Stealth Box will grow you 2-7 oz of organic cannabis each grow cycle – guaranteed!*

Stealth Box is pleased to announce we have partnered with Crop King Seeds to bring you premium cannabis seedsfor FREE!

Start growing the easy way!

Grow box for one weed plant

Trust me; you do not want to build a hydroponic system from scratch. Hydroponic grow boxes are plug and play, and that’s why people prefer them the most.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S. only at this time.

While the Hellogrower 40” was, and is still, a popular grow box due to all its interesting features, the Hellogrower 40” was built to capitalise on its good features with some extra additions.

The Difference Between a Grow Box & Grow Tent

Hellogrower 40” is a great choice for first-time users as it has a timer which makes it easier to set light schedules for the box. The shaded rear vents and sealed front door also helps in controlling the odour, keeping your house odour-free.

Well, some people care so much about the look of a device especially if it’s one that will be placed inside their home. If your indoor garden is somewhere that is visible to all, then you might consider getting something that is appealing to the eyes.

Even though it is not advisable, but a situation arises that demands that you change the location of your indoor garden.

#6 Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box (U.S. Only)

The box is 36 inches tall, 30 inches wide, making it a good choice for both big and small areas. It also comes with a 150w HID Led Light, filters and hydroponic system.

Stealth grow boxes can be very expensive this is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 stealth grow boxes for less than a $1000