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“You have to have control over heat and humidity, especially in Virginia,” Anderson said. “If you’re comfortable in an environment as a human, the plants are going to be comfortable as well.”

Another concern for Katz is preventing a boom in illegal sales while people are in the process of growing, since recreational stores can’t open yet.

In the 2022 session, Pedini wants lawmakers to create a legal avenue at the state level.

Happy Trees Agricultural Supply in Richmond is stocking up on lights, soil and nutrients to help Virginians start growing their own marijuana.

“People have to read the fine print”

“Depending on your grow style and how you’re growing, it’s not uncommon to get a pound a plant,” Anderson said.

“You can start for as little as $150 bucks or you can get weird with it and spend as much as you want,” said Co-Founder Christopher Haynie.

“People have to read the fine print. We’re going to do our best to educate people but we’re not going to not enforce the law,” Katz said.

“Everything you need…except the seeds”

“Right now, you can have three plants and be in compliance and also have 300 pounds of marijuana in your house and, under Virginia law, you’re solid,” Katz said.

But there’s a catch. There’s no legal way to buy the seeds.

FOX40 contacted the city attorney’s office for comment but has not yet heard back.

Eventually, he was given a Zoom hearing. His tenants even told police that he had no knowledge of marijuana growing on his property.

Rose says electricity spikes tipped off SMUD to the marijuana grow and eventually, Sacramento police raided the house.

He says it was a good business relationship until the couple allowed their nephew to move in, who began growing marijuana.

Rose, who has worked in real estate as a branch manager and loan officer, is now appealing his case to the state courts.

“I was not made aware of this, until I received a bill in the mail, from the city of Sacramento, which I thought was a joke,” Rose told FOX40 Wednesday.

Rose said he did get an extension and appealed the fine.

“I’d like to think I’m aware and I knew nothing of this ordinance that the city has. I’m just shocked that that’s how they wish to conduct business,” Rose said.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A Sacramento property owner says he is facing a nearly $500,000 fine after his tenants began growing marijuana without his knowledge.

Attorney David Holland is a marijuana activist and executive director of Empire State Norml.

New Yorkers with medical marijuana cards are only a few months away from being able to cultivate cannabis at home.

New York State Office of Cannabis Management executive director Chris Alexander said Thursday, “The unlicensed sale or trading of cannabis is prohibited in New York and home grow is not a license to do either.”

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The Cannabis Control Board advanced regulations Thursday allowing medical cannabis to be grown at home. After a 60-day comment period, the board can make changes and then it will go into effect. It’s expected to make cannabis more affordable.

“They will be able to grow up to six plants for their own personal use. Three which will be full grown, three in their immature stages, not flowering yet,” he said.

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While Stable Garden currently helps people cultivate cannabis in Massachusetts, New Yorkers with medical cards will soon be allowed as well.

“It is something that I find relieves a lot of symptoms of anxiety and depression,” Chappaqua resident Michael McGuire said. He is a medical marijuana card holder and the founder of Stable Garden, a company that helps people grow cannabis at home.