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growing bag seed weed

Growing bag seed weed

Use found cannabis seeds at your own risk. You may get decent or even great results, but you may be disappointed, which can be a real confidence killer especially for new growers. There’s nothing more frustrating than doing everything right only to get bad results after 4 months of growing. I highly recommend buying at least a few seeds from a trustworthy breeder to ensure you are happy with the weed you grow at the end.

The best way to ensure all your plants end up being female is to start with feminized cannabis seeds from a trustworthy breeder. (Do feminized seeds make hermies?)

One awesome strain that won’t break the bank (3 seeds for $30) is Critical Purple Kush. I’ve grown it in different setups and buds produce smooth and relaxing effects. A crowd favorite.

If any pollen gets on your buds, it will cause seeds to grow. This is one way that seeds can get in your buds.

5.) Hermies (Hermaphrodite Plants)

Unpredictability is the biggest downside to seeds you find in your weed. I have seen incredible grow results with “bag seed” or seeds growers find in their weed, like the plant pictured above. The higher the quality of the starting weed, the greater the chance the seeds will produce good buds, too. That being said, bag seed can have problems including bud quality, poor germination rates, the potential for hermies, and unpredictable growth patterns.

Another type of hermie produces small yellow growths often called bananas (the “banana” would normally be found inside a pollen sac but on some plants it will grow exposed on the bud). Bananas start releasing pollen immediately and also cause seedy buds.

Whenever using found seeds, you should determine the sex of young plants as soon as possible. This lets you toss all the male plants before they start making pollen and seeding your buds.

3.) Growth Patterns

Many growers get seeds from other people on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. Can these seeds be trusted?

Poor Quality Seeds = Confidence Killer!

Growing bag seed weed

Again, not all "bagseed" is created equal. Ceeds found in bags of high-end bud are likely to be the offspring of plants that went "hermie" due to stress or borderline genetics. These plants "could" be excellent, or they could be hermie prone (or both!).

I think the most important caveats here are that sativa-heavy genetics tend to stretch on flowering, and can take a long time to finish. If you are in a part of the country with early winter, and you end up with a long-flowering sativa, and you are growing OUTDOORS, the plants may not finish before frosts come.

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I have seen bagseed produce some potent bud in the right conditions.


One poster reported really good results from "bagseed" found in a bag of Green Crack. The ceeds in question were probably Green Crack S1. . .the same exact ceeds that Riot ceeds charges $23/bean for and Sickmeds $8. If your bean is from a bag of high end commercial stuff, chances are good that there is *someone* out there offering a similar S1 or F1 cross for $8-20 a bean, even if you don’t know exactly what the genetics of your particular bagseed are.