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growing butterfly weed in containers

Growing butterfly weed in containers

Butterfly Weed is a long-lived perennial that is known for thriving in poor soils. In fertile soil, I’ve gotten Butterfly Milkweed to bloom it’s first year. But this is not typical.

Butterfly Weed Lifespan

Butterfly Weed likes dry to medium moisture. It is very drought tolerant and can thrive in the hottest, driest area of your garden.

When does Butterfly Weed emerge

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Growing butterfly weed in containers

Milkweed is among the primary plants to draw the Monarch butterfly to our yards. We all love to see them flitting through the summer flowers in our beds, so we want plants to attract them and encourage them to return. Since milkweed is sometimes considered an unwanted specimen in the landscape and can be invasive, we might consider growing milkweed in a pot.

Container Grown Milkweed Plants

Growing milkweed in containers is the preferable method of growth for some. Container-grown milkweed can be overwintered in a building or garage and placed back outside in spring.

How to Grow Milkweed in a Pot

There are more than 100 species of milkweeds that grow in North America, and not all of them are hosts for the Monarch. Some draw Monarchs for nectar, but butterfly lovers are likely looking for those plants that encourage the dropping of tiny eggs on them. Let’s take a look at some that are native or naturalized plants and that can grow successfully in a container.