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growing cannabis outdoors in australia

Growing cannabis outdoors in australia

Coco fibre is already a versatile, popular and effective medium for growing cannabis seeds indoors. But plenty of outdoor and greenhouse growers are also starting to use coco fibre for their cannabis plants. This will require daily feeding/watering, but the extra effort is usually worth it at harvest time.

This weeks blog is about a Frisian Dew Australian outdoor grow by a grower who is specialized in growing Frisian Dew outdoors. He used mesh netting to provide some shade from the intense Australian sun.

“And the last reason for the white mesh is security, you can’t see any thing inside from 50 meters away. If other growers try this strain they won’t regret it, it’s easy to grow and has heavy harvests. These plant gets so heavy it needs support, its essential.”

This weeks grow from Aussie Alex shows how productive, tough and versatile Frisian Dew is. The Frisian Dew marijuana seeds are germinated indoors and grown for 9 weeks under 24 hours of daily LED light. This gives the seedlings the best possible start and will allow them to be well established before they are placed outside under the white mesh netting.

Coco fibre for growing cannabis outdoors

“That’s it for the good results. I use the insulation around the pots to protect them from the frosty mornings in the winter and to protect the black plant containers from getting too hot in the sun.”

“With my style of growing I can put them out in October and finish In December that’s getting to the longest days of the year and they still keep flowering and finishing with rock hard buds. No other strain I’ve used can do this. They are almost like an auto, keep in mind I live in Australia, our days are not as long as Europe. But other strains revert back to vegetive growth outdoors, so Frisian Dew is the best strain I have ever grown.”

Frisian Dew is a heavy yielding outdoor cannabis variety, Aussie Alex got around 18Kg from 25 plants using his system. Aussie Alex finds that growing in coco fibre allows rapid growth and heavy blooms. Using the white mesh screening also helped the plants by giving them just enough shade to protect them from the extreme heat that can be experienced in Australia.

Comments from grower Aussie Alex

“Another reason I grow Frisian Dew is the resistance to extreme weather. These plants were put out in the last month of winter and had frost in the night, whilst day time temps reached an unusually hot 30ºC – this happened for 2 weeks. Before I finished them we had 40 degrees Celsius heat for a whole week which did not affect them at all.”

Under the powerful Australian sun the Frisian Dew plants raced through bloom in a couple of months with heavy yields. Many Frisian Dew growers also use the THC rich harvest to produce hash, cannabis oil or other types of cannabis concentrates which are becoming more and more popular.

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Ms Schoerie said the idea to move into medicinal cannabis rather than hemp food and fibre was to make marijuana affordable to those most in need.

"The other type of crop and the main type of crops that [we] will be growing is what they call photo period or full season planter — so traditional plants and that can go any where up to two metres, even more if we let it."

Keeping jobs during pandemic

"The reason for that is really just to work through our genetics and find the best plants that are most suited to this climate and will give us the best yield — the best defence against any pests etc," Ms Schoerie said.

"They just found it ridiculously expensive."

Advocates say medicinal cannabis offers effective relief when other treatments are failing. But Australian guidelines say there's limited evidence to support its use.

Medical marijuana explainer

"The typical planting season is September, October and you'd harvest in May, so you can imagine us planting in April — that's not what was supposed to happen."

Five different strains of cannabis were used in trying to create the best mix.