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growing cannabis outdoors oregon

Oregon was the first state to decriminalize cannabis possession (1973), was the second to legalize cannabis for medical use (1998), and was the third state to legalize cannabis for adult use (2014).

How many cannabis plants can you legally grow in Oregon?

Oregon also allows cannabis cultivation for commercial purposes. As of October 20, 2017, a total of 1,734 cannabis producer applications had been received and/or approved by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Is Oregon’s climate good for cultivating cannabis?

Cultivating cannabis is a lifelong journey. Everyone that is new to cannabis cultivation will experience up and downs.

Growing cannabis outdoors oregon

Growing outdoors is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It should come as no surprise that growing cannabis outdoors has a much smaller carbon footprint than doing so inside. This comes from the same factors that reduce costs, mainly the use of electricity to control lights, temperature, and humidity.

Key Tips to Growing Outdoor

Even if you live in an area where it is legal to grow cannabis outdoors, many growers should be discrete with their plants. This can decrease the risk of theft as well as negative attention.

Flowering Stage

Growing in the ground gives your plants enough room to flourish to their full potential. It also gives your plant direct access to the natural soil, including its nutrients, resulting in less effort on your part.